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Saturday, August 15, 2009

She Walks

Well if you have Facebook then you know that my little Havah can finally walk around by herself. If you don't have Facebook then you're missing out on some cute videos and photos of the Henry's. Havah is still a bit tentative and defaults to scooting. In the past few weeks she has accidentally taken a step to get from the couch to the coffee table or from one toy to the next. She didn't even know that she had done it. I've known for weeks that she is completely capable of walking, but she just doesn't. She doesn't have to! She's a hiphiker. She just puts up her arms and bats her eyes at whoever walks by.

We went to visit my friend Kelly last week. She has a sweet new baby and a very fun 2 year old. While we were there we saw her walking toy. You know what I mean right? Havah was interested in it, Kelly didn't need it, so we borrowed it. That evening Havah used the walking toy to go from the living room - to the kitchen - to the dining room - to the living room...about 5 times. When I put her to bed she was exhausted but still quite upset that I was putting her in bed without her new toy.

The next day she got up and found her toy and made her rounds a few times before Judah woke up. Judah is so sneaky, she make a lap or two with Havah.... then would put the toy just out of her reach. Havah would take a step or two and then keep going.

Later that afternoon I caught Havah walking on her own. She walked from the living room all the way into the kitchen completely unassisted! The first day that the kids walks and she walks from one room to the next. Well, she was holding the phone, so maybe that counts as assisted. She thought she was talking to Laura.