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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Somewhat Exciting News

As most of you know, when you move you have to find two very important things that make moving oh so much easier to do.

1) A place to rest your head.
2) A place to make the dough, so you can pay for the place to rest your head.

Both of these things are essential, but not the easiest to do when you aren't there yet! The good thing, I have friends there who won't let me go homeless or hungry, so I'm not too worried about it. I will be a bit happier when I have both of these things nailed down.

Today I got good news. Some friends of mine are moving out of their apartment, so it will be available soon. It is in Dana Point, is a darn good price, and is month to month rent! I would be happy to secure #1 on the list, but I don't feel so confident in doing it until I have #2 secured. I guess that's not going to be an option tonight, and I need to move pretty fast if I'm going to take care of #1 right now. If God supernaturally gives me the cash for the first month and deposit then I'll count it a done deal.

So that's my somewhat exciting news for today.

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