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Monday, August 21, 2006

UHAUL Makes Moving Easier

Saturday, August 20, 2006
8:00 Go to Gym with Sean
9:00 Go get Coffee with Sean
10:30 Look at House with Sean and Girls
12:00 Shopping for Pants for Sean (You wouldn't believe how interesting this part really was)
3:00 Rock Climbing with the Famo
6:00 Good Movie and Good Dinner at Home

Sunday, August 21, 2006
8:30 Head to Church with Sean
3:00 Head to UHAUL with Sean and Jason
3:30 Jason's Seat Belt doesn't work
4:00 Is Something Burning? Do You Smell That?
4:15 Breaks? What Breaks? Who Needs Breaks?
4:30 You're Sending a Mechanic??
5:00 Hang out with Sean and Jason in a Parking Lot while the wonder mechanic does his magic.
6:30 Should be heading out in half an hour
7:15 Just a few more minutes
8:00 Almost done
8:20 Head to Three Arch Bay to get furniture!!
8:45 Let the Loading Begin
2am Unload the last piece of furniture and CRASH!

For only $29.99 you can rent a 17 foot smooth riding truck. I bet the truck you rent won't have a crack smoking Statue of Liberty on the side of it like ours!


Angela said...

Sign me up. LOL, now if this would not have happened think of all the bonding you would have missed out on.

Angela Baumgardner said...

Hey Girl,
I just found your blog.
Congratulations on the engagement!
I'm so excited for you.
Check my blog for where I am - you'll never guess.
Love you lots.