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Friday, September 14, 2007


I thought I posted this while in Germany - but the website was all in German, so I must have made a mistake. Oops. :) More to come soon.

Well I'm in Germany for a very good friends wedding. It's only once that your Jocelyn gets married!

Germany is beautiful. It resembles parts of the northern midwest and the weather reminds me of Washington DC. Sunny and beautiful then the next day it's cold and raining.

My first day here we walked all over Dresden. Everyone here walks or rides a bike. There are few cars on the street. I've seen families with 5 kids all on bikes. Also, everyone has a dog. Some of the dogs are on leashes. Most just follow right beside you. When people go to the store they bring their dog along. The dog just patiently sits outside the store and waits for it's master to come out. We came across a farmers market in a VERY beautiful part of town. People who walked by would grab a beer and just keep walking. We had fresh apple juice. Yum! On our way back to Jocely's we got an ice cream cone. The BEST ice cream I've EVER had in my life! It was fun to order because Jocelyn wasn't with us, so trying to figure out the flavors was quite interesting.

The next day we went to a church brunch. Most everyone who we spent time with spoke English. Brunch was quite an experience. Lots and lots of breads with lots of different spreads and cheeses to put on it. It was delicious. After that we walked to the river and sat on a blanket in a big field near the water. Sammy and the rest of my travel buddies played soccer while Jocelyn and I made wedding lists.

Yesterday Autumn, Leslie and I got on a train to Prague. WHAT AN ADVENTURE! We got to the train station minutes before our train was scheduled to leave so we RAN to get the ticket and get on the right train. The train ride was beautiful. We couldn't understand the announcer, but there was a helpful passenger who told us when to get off. We got into the station and the girls went to the restroom while I changed some Euros for Crowns. Aparently you have to pay for the restroom in CZ. They didn't have crowns, so the woman at the door yelled at Leslie in Chez intil I could get there with the Crowns. She was so angry that she didn't even take the money. When we got out of the station we were all very excited because Prague is supposed to be the most beautiful city in all of Europe. wasn't. We were in some cruddy part of town and couldn't find a map in English. After walking for a while we found a helpful American who gave us his map. Once we figured out how to take the tram and get to the MOST BEAUTIFUL part of Europe we were happy. I would have never guessed how beautiful it was going to be. At the end of the day we ran to the train station to wait more than an hour for our train. We had one adventure after another, but I'm almost out of minutes at the cafe, so I'll have to tell yout about it later.

Today we are just hanging around Dresden.

Well I wish I could post pictures, but I left the cord for my camera back at Jocelyn's.

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