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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jesus Loves Me - So Does La Mar's

This morning after dropping the girls I realized that I could not go another moment without a donut. It was an undeniable craving that if denied may involve tears. I head north on Wornall convinced that there would be a Crispy Cream in just a few blocks. I was wrong. I knew that there would be a donut place on Holmes, so I head down one block and start working my way there. Salvation! I saw La Mar's just up ahead. I pulled in the parking lot. Grabbed my wallet and headed in. As I was almost to the door I realized that I didn't have any cash. I headed back to the car to my change stash to find that there was only about a dollar there. Surely a dollar would be enough. I went in and saw the sign that said, .75 for donuts. I chose my donut and then the cashier gave me the bad news. Specialty donuts are $1.75. She saw the disappointment on my face and quickly offered to help me otu and feed my baby. :) She took the change I had and called it even.

Note to all my pregnant friends. Keep at least $5 on you at all times. You never know when you may have an undeniable craving for something you can't justify putting on a credit card.


Tracie Loux said...

I Love you Dani!
And I'm so glad that you were met with such graciousness and understanding at the donut shop today!

:) I have some leftover cheese cake in the frig if you want to come over and visit!

JudahLion said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT FAIR! Where are the left over doughnuts humph? I worked hard at school alot. You know you are not my friend any more. It was like a sin to go eat doughnuts without me.

Angela said...

I believe that when you are pregnant you can put ridiculously small charges on the credit card. I am certain that I charged $1.50 at least twice for an ice cream cone when I was pregnant with Ava.