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Friday, May 23, 2008

What I Should Have Said

This is what I thought as I layed in bed yesterday evening. I am having this thought more often than I would like right now. It's one of those glorious times of great weakness brought on by lack of sleep and new stresses. Havah hasn't been sleeping as well as I would like and is often grumpy in the evenings. This puts her mom on edge. When I'm on edge I end up doing and saying things I wish I hadn't. Maybe I still would have done something or said something, but things sound so much better when you have a clear head. I need God's help. I need the Holy Spirit. I need the fruit of the Spirit.

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sarah true said...

I hear you! Isaac was the same way at night but he was not grumpy but downright angry. I would dread the night every night at 7pm-5am. But it got better. what I am learning in this is how controlling, prideful, selfish I am. Babies will rip the flesh right off you so you can just put it on the altar. It is one of the best and worst things. But He is faithful and we are being transformed into His likeness.