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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Hands!

Havah used to be afraid of her hands. We would have to often bundle her just to hide them from her. Whenever she would get excited they would fly past her face. Scarry! What are those things?

In the past two days she's decided they are alright. She likes to hold them together (which she's done for a long time actually) and has discovered that they taste good.

Sean, Havah and I have been taking morning walks. Havah loves that we have bumpy roads and cracked sidewalks.


Jeannie said...

First toes, then hands- what will this girl discover next?? She is just as precious as can be! I can't wait for her to show her cousin Ethan all the neat things she can do with toes and hands!

Ava's Mama said...

Oh, Danie! She is so wonderful! I love her and want to squeeze her RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, She is perfect. I can see her squeezable legs. I can 't wait to get a hold of her. I miss you, sister. laura