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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caroline and Luke

My dear friend Caroline and her husband Scott are in Salt Lake City awaiting the birth of their new little boy. This past weekend I was so thankful that I got to attend their fundraiser. I saw so many people that I hadn't seen in years. I can't believe how much everyone has changed and how much their kids have grown up!

Hurry up Luke! We can't wait for you to be born!

*Note the cup of pink goodness in my hand. That would be Black Rasberry Chip Ice Cream.


Anonymous said...

I love you, Danie! Thanks for being there. I have been lying here in Salt Lake City this morning day dreaming about Luke. And declaring J's water being broken over and over again!

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Black Raspberry Chip AND you got to see the Fairchilds??? Wow! Well....I get to have Skyline and see the Sjogren's in Tampa tomorrow. How do you like that??