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Monday, March 23, 2009

It's been more than a month! Wow! Sorry Havah fans. Here's some videos to make-up for lost time. Havah had a Birthday trial run yesterday. Gram won't be here on Havah's Birthday so we celebrated with Gram early.


Anonymous said...

o Dear Jesus, I thank you for my Havah Joy! She brings such JOY to our family. Laura

Norwood Mama said...

My goodness! She does think she is big, doesn't she! As I have said to mothers for years, gently (when no one is looking) push her down and tell her to be little!

Then, quickly pack her up and bring her to visit us!

Kira's Mum said...

Kira watched the second video and translated for us. She says, "That baby wants breakfast!" and "Don't worry; that's only her daddy growling at her. He's saying he loves her."