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Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Still Learning

Havah is 17 months old now. After 17 months of having a daughter you would think that I know how to pack a diaper bag. For the last several months she's just needed a diaper and our nursing cover. She's not had a blow out since she was teeny tiny, she doesn't usually want food or a cup while we are out.

Last week we were at Walmart when I got the a big surprise. A wet baby! Her poor little pants were soaked because her diaper had failed her. I went to the car to change her, but was only able to change her diaper. :( Learning lesson #1.

Lesson #2 - We've been trying out nursery at church and at school (I volunteer at the kids school 2 hours a week). It has not been very successful. The other day one of the volunteers asked where Havah's cup was. I explained that I hadn't brought one. She looked at me like I was pretending to be a mom. Then she asked what I had for a snack. Again, I failed to bring one.

This week we were a little more prepared. Cup, snack and even the secret weapon...magic baby paci. Too bad it didn't work. One of the caregivers brought her to me 20 minutes after I dropped her off. She hadn't stopped crying the entire time.

Anything else that I should have in my diaper bag? Any suggestions about taking her to childcare?


The Weaver Family said...

here is my complete list of what is currently in my diaper bag. I'm sure ALL of these items would come in helpful to you. =-)
1. extra onesie
2. hand sanitizer
3. kleenex
4. orajel
5. burpie
6. wipes/diapers
7. socks
8. diaper rash cream
9. thomas the train
10. teether toy
11. soggy piece of gum
12. fruit leather
13. 23 cents
14. empty starbucks card with big dreams
15. 3 bills ready to be mailed. as soon as we get paid or win the lottery. whichever comes first.
16. applesauce

juliandaveinlove said...

I leave extra wipes and diapers in the car; usually there are a few extra shoes and jackets in there as well. Then if I don't pack well, then I have a back up. I have to make sure I have 2 diaper sizes in tow now; I have had to put Esther in one of Caleb's diapers temporarily.

As for leaving her in the nursery, I don't have any good advice, maybe just keep trying.