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Thursday, December 21, 2006

American Car Rental Company

Yesterday Sean asked me if I would run an errand with him. He had a 6:30 meeting at an office in LAX. Something about a rental car company. At first I thought what a great time I would have with the house to myself. I could clean. I could watch whatever I wanted on tv. I could do nothing at all in complete silence! But he asked if I would go, along so along I went.

When we get to PCH there was a bit more traffic than we expected, so we were running a bit behind. We finally get there and park at terminal one by baggage claim. Have you ever seen a rental car office in terminal one at LAX? Anyone??

We run all around terminal office. He calls the lady he's supposed to meet with and I hear someone behind me answer "American Car Rental Company".

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! Did you know that Christina Ortega worked for American Car Rental Company? Me neither.

It was such a wonderful suprise! I got to pick Christina up from the airport, have dinner with her and take her to her family in Orange County. I am SOOO happy that I got to see her and spend a little bit of time with her! I love you Tina!


christina said...

i am so happy that i got to see you too! i am so glad that i made a spot on your blog. YES!

katchen said...

Daniellie - don't worry. I lived with Christina for 3 months and still didn't know she worked for American Rental Car Company. I'm so happy for your Chrissy time. Miss you bad.