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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Blessing of Modern Technology

I'm sitting on my couch in Torrance, California watching the One Thing Conference. The only thing better than this is acutally being there. Being so far away from KC and really anyone (other than Sean) who is interested in talking about God has been a little bit more of a challenge than I expected. I'm so thankful for God TV and for IHOP.


katchen said...

wow you are so lucky dani. I am in kc and have only seen izzy throw a tantrum today. What a luxury you have God tv. Miss you bad.

christina said...

i am so glad you were there with us!!!!

fairchildren said...

Did you see me???? i was on the right side sobbing!!! haha!!! i love you and i will call you soon...

p.s you are the first person i have heard of that actually has God tv!