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Thursday, November 01, 2007


The luxury of my life right now is going to get a burrito and running into Dave W. and Katchen and Izzy! The next day I go to the Prayer Room and there they are again! Later I went to TheCall office and Randy was there. This is so fun! I love living near friends.



You are a luxury to see all over the place. At the PR. At my house. Chipotle. And running into IHOPers at a free burito day has nothing to do with the luxury of friends. Put 10 poor friends living on support, offer them free burritos and you will run into 10 friends every time.

Kyle said...

just realized you had moved back two days ago when i saw sean and the girls - look forward to meeting them - congrats on the pregnancy too!

Christina said...

i can't wait to comeback from Canada to be a luxury again. :) hehehehe
miss you, you luxury

Megan said...

Danielle Wheeler (well apparently not anymore lol) Have u completely forgotten about me? You hate me dont u.... no hey megan i miss u or hey megan im getting married.... not even a hey megan im pregnant.... well thats a fine how do u do! Well i love u and miss u!

Yours truely :0)
Megan Strong

Danielle said...

Megan! You have to email me or something. I have no idea how to get a hold of you! (