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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Winter Itch

Well it's not exactly winter, but I'm starting to itch. This was something I did not miss about the midwest. In California dry skin is almost NEVER an issue. Especially when you live near the ocean. Now I should consider that pregnancy may have something to do with this, but man...I itch all over. The kind of itch that makes you wiggle in your jeans cuz there's just no fixing it. Lotion helps a little bit, but what I really need is a portible humidifier to carry along with me wherever I go. Could someone invent that for me?


Jeannie Bean said...

Welcome back to the midwest sweetie. I suggest a thick body cream- put it on after you bathe, when your body has all that extra moisture from the water in it. Baby oil works good too. Love and Hugs! JB

Danielle said...

Good's funny how quickly steady warm weather becomes normal.