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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walking Down Memory Lane

I should really call this post "digging through memory boxes."

Mom and I went to her basememt tonight to go through old boxes. There were boxes from my childhood and teenage years. Most boxes were filled with thousands of notes and letters from old girlfriends, boys and my dear Jeannie Bean. I had forgotten that Jeannie and I exchanged SO MANY letters!

There were also lots of picture that I had forgotten about also. I found WONDERFUL pictures of Patrick. There were several years where I really felt like he was almost mine. He was such a fun little boy. Most of the pictures were of the two of us just hanging out in my room.

I found a few things from TheCall DC that happened in 2000. There were a few 40 day devoltionals, the book by Michael Brown and the CD that has Jason Uptons "freedom" on it. It was a quick reminder of what so many anticipate and are working so hard for this fall. That day was historical for me. I can look back to that day and see how it shifted the course of the next several years.

There were a few fun things for my new baby. Mom has kept some of my baby dresses, dolls and blankets that people made for me. I really look forward to getting my baby's room ready when I get back home.

Tomorrow we head to Duke Hospital to be with my grandmother and aunt as my grama undergoes some tests. I'm praying I run into these folks. If you haven't read their story and started praying for them please join me in prayer for them.

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