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Friday, February 15, 2008

Well I didn't run into the Lawrenson's, but once we got to the hospital I found out that their room was just down the hall from my Grandmother's. I went by Trica's room and left a note. I later found out that she was in surgery. I realized while I was there that if her little girl is 5 weeks old and was born 15 weeks early that we would have been due around the same time.

My Grama's tests came back with great results. She has the arteries of an 18 year old. We talked about stopping at the drug store on the way home to get a new appropriate hair color.

This morning I left mom's and came back home. Here are some photos from the week:

Charlotte and me. :)

My new gloves! Thanks Mom!

Here's the old pair. Zeb got a hold of him. I was devestated! My grandmother gave these to me when I was 16. They've been in my jacket pocket ever since.

My first flight was delayed, so I worked on this project. I finished it before my layover in Cincinnati! (please don't zoom - I haven't washed away the markings yet)

I had a great time with my Mommy! I'm so glad I'll get to see her again next weekend in Cincinnati.


Tracie Loux said...

Thanks for the update!!!

Tracie Loux said...

Oh, and I apologize for directly disregarding you. I ZOOMED! Sorry it was too lovely not to!

Sarah said...

I love the new look! can't wait to see you next week!!!

Jocelynalice said...

i'm sorry about your gloves... those little guys were oh too practical. but the news are nice. and so is your project. I love it! so cute!

Christina said...

i am glad you are blogging again!!!! i know i live with you and i can talk to more than most people but there is info on your blog that we don't get to talk about, i love it!