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Monday, October 27, 2008


My life is so full of new experiences. Things happen that I would have never imagined.

Last week Havah woke up more than 30 minutes early. This isn't totally uncommon, but usually she'll go back to sleep and snooze for a bit longer. On this day she wouldn't! I came in to check in on her and found quite a surprise. Somehow she had undone her diaper. She and her bed were soaked and angry she was about it!

This morning was worse! She slept later than she usually does and when she finally woke up I went in and again found that she was very upset. I went to change her diaper and found an even better surprise...more poop than should ever come out of one baby at one time. The wonderful surprise had gone through her jamis, through her sleep sack, through the sheet and blankie down to the pad.

In other news, last month she got two new teeth and tomorrow we plan on trying them out (other than the refrigerated carrots she teethes on). I'm sure there will be a video or something to show you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

ah yes! She's a Henry!