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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In this album

In this album you will find.
#1 Ms Aubrey Weaver! Yay! She's SO wonderful.
#2 Havah on my back
#3 Havah doing head stands for Gram. Life is so much better with Gram! :)


sarah true said...

oh my gosh! is that a squirrel outfit she is wearing???

Jocelynalice said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I could be there. Then I could do a head stand with Havah. actually, probably not... I'm a little heavier these days... :)

plus, little aubrey is a doll. such a sweet pie. I wish I could be there! no fair!!

sorry the phone call wasn't from me... that's makes me sad too, i'd love to talk to you!!! :) I could use it, i'm super in need of some stimulation. reading, cleaning, watching movies is starting to get really old.

Danielle said...

It sure is! We think of you ever time she wears it. I make sure she knows that I've never met a Sarah True that I didn't absolutely love.

Ann Kimmel said...

I would do head stands too if Kathy Wheeler came to my house.