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Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures in Parenting a 13 Year Old

Oh Judah. My Judah. She would have to be the funniest and funnest person that I've ever met. Look at that sweet face, cute hair and nerdy glasses. I just love her. Just so you have a little peek into my world I'll share a funny Judah story.

A few days ago Judah asked if she could use my credit card to update her iTunes account. I completely trust her, so of course I let her take the card. She came back to me only a few minutes later saying that she couldn't get it to work. She said she had tried it a few times and something wasn't matching up. I checked what she had, tried a twice and decided we'd have to come up with an alternate solution.

The next morning I stuck the littles in the car and headed to Target to pick up a few essentials. On our adventure through Target I let Havah pick a snack and begin to munch on it. We made it to the check out, but when I went to pay my card wouldn't work. I found another method of payment (there was no getting out of paying - we had already consumed the snacks!) and headed to the car. I called the bank once in the car. The kind lady on the other end said that I had exceeded my limit of charges for a 24 hour period. I wracked my brain, but couldn't think of anything that I'd purchased in the past day except maybe some gas. She then asks if I purchased anything from iTunes. Well...yes...but it didn't work. Apparently it did. Okay, well that can't be the problem. Judah tried it a "few" times and I tried twice. She counted the list of charges from iTunes. Twenty-five charges! Count 'em and weap! We purchased one song 25 times!! Wow. That's a lot of Justin Beiber.

I contested the charges and waited for a few more hours to pass before making any more purchases. When I talked to Judah later that day she told me that, yes, she had tried maybe 20 or so times. :) Her persistence warms my heart. When she sets her mind to something she will not give up without a fight.

Lesson learned, when 13 year old asks for credit card supervision is necessary.

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Christina said...

great story!