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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boost Your Protein Intake With Greens

I read this in Health in High Heels. I thought it was very helpful. If you need to boost your protein intake then take this advice!!

Tip: Handle your craving for protein

If it's protein you're looking for, then your best bet is definitely going to be found in in crispy, fresh greens and sprouts.

Since sprouts are up to 35% protein and greens like spinach are between 40 and 50% protein, increasing the quantity and quality of greens in your diet will more than adequately meet your ongoing protein needs.

Green smoothies are our recommended way of consuming sufficient greens. Just take your favorite fruit smoothie and add any of the following: kale, chard (take out the stalky part), spinach, lettuce, parsley, mint or celery.

Contrary to popular belief there is absolutely no problem mixing these leafy greens (or celery) with fruit. Enjoy!

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