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Saturday, January 27, 2007

For the past few weeks Sean and I have been eating a few coconuts a week. Surprisingly, you can make a variety of things with a raw young coconut. The only problem with this wonderful fruit is it can be difficult to find. Occasionally Whole Foods will have a few, but even then they cost too much. Today we made a wonderful discovery. An Asian market not too far from our house has them for $1.09!! AND they had lots of them! We stopped by there when we were on the motorcycle so we could only take what would fit in my back pack. If we could have we would have purchased a case. Thank the Lord for Maruki Ranch 98!


Randy Bohlender said...

I'm picturing you on the back of the motorcycle balancing a bag of coconuts.

This is a picture that will stick with me a while.

Sean The Red said...

Im still trying to get her to wear some, but it was cold.