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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Set-up for Deception

Tonight I have been reading some notes from an EGS I was in last summer. Reading them has left me in a very sober state. I think that every day I am seeing more and more Christians set-up for deception. I see so many New Age ideas slipping their way into so many Christians lives. I see it and I read it on so many church websites and Christian blogs all over the internet. "It's okay to live this lifestyle." "Wouldn't Jesus just accept people for who they are?" "These classes won't be a problem for you as long as you don't get too caught up in them." I find merging popular ideas like these to be so dangerous. I think I can understand why the church is buying into this, and it hurts my heart. I have known that the majority of the body of Christ is not seeing clearly and not discerning, but now I am seeing it with my own eyes almost every day. She is selling her self for New Age theology, the idea of peace and wealth. It creeps in little by little until it's taken over.
The only solution I see (for myself at least) is to stay very very low. The fear of the Lord should be my best friend right now.I need to keep my spirit in a state of prayer. I know He loves me. I know He wants to preserve me, but I want to keep things out that would keep His Spirit away. Faithfulness now is going to matter later. Purity of heart now is going to matter in the future.


fairchildren said...

That's great danie. At one thing Allen Hood did a session about being a vessel for God. And talked a lot about John The Baptist and what made people go all the way out into the wilderness to see him speak. Because he was a clean vessel who was totally set apart for God and God alone. He defintely wasn't saying the things his contemporaries were saying...I don't think John the Baptist was probably very "cool".I want to be like John the Baptist. Accept for the hairy face thing...Let's talk about this all soon!
caro xoxoxo

katchen said...

your title inspired me. what if i told you another friend was going to "work for American Rental Car Company" this week? & bring her lovely assistant who happens to be 2feet tall.