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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Run in My Pantyhose

It all started last week with the wonderful news that baby girl had dropped down a few inches and gave me some breathing room. That morning I noticed a small patch of stretch marks. Just a small one inch by 3 inch patch. Nothing major right? Nothing major till the next morning. My sister made the perfect analogy - stretch marks are like a run in your pantyhose. Only these runs can't be fixed with a dot of clear nail polish.

Oh well. I live in Missoura...the only beach around here is at Longview Lake.

Also...the timestamp is going to be wrong again, but it's 3:30am. I wonder if this early VERY early morning ritual is going to continue after our little girl reaches her eviction date.


sarah true said...

that reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman when they're in the elevator. "I've got a runner in my panty hose... I'm not wearing panty hose."

Kalla said...

You know when I was pregnant with Caidan I always got up twice a night to go to the bathroom at the exact time and when Caidan was born those were the times that he got up to feed... so it could be very possible... take it has a good thing you are being prepared now then when your baby girl comes home and your already awake at 3:30am. (if only it really worked like that!) :) Oh stretch marks- they are even prettier after birth! :)

Jeannie said...

the time stamp thing can be fixed, it is a setting in blogger. I can't remember where, but go in and look at your settings and see if you can change the time zone. Sorry to hear about the stretch mark- you were doing so well. I guess that cream isn't worth it after all. Best wishes, love and hugs,

Sean The Red said...

Cmon now....

She still has the cutest belly in America, probably the universe. And the beauty marks are just proof of how wonderful she is.

Babe, we will go get some tattoos together when this is all over (I have stretch marks too believe it or not). We could get their names written over them so we know what was under all that!