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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Additional Measures and Baruch

We are doing more than just the fresh food, juice, antibiotics and probiotics. Some of these may seem obvious, but I'll list them anyway.

Lots of Liquids - Poor kid is running to the potty about every half an hour. She is getting barley and fresh juice, but I'm trying to get her to drink as much water as possible. The more hydrated she is the easier it will be for her to cough this funk up.

Lots of Rest - When you are sick in any way it should be a sign to you that you should take extra measures to rest! I get Havah outside for a few hours while the weather is so nice, but then we're taking it easy. She still needs to get her wiggles out, but I'm making sure she's got a big window of time to get in a nap. She is going to bed half an hour early (though last night she didn't)and we're trying to help her sleep in. The sleeping in is essential for me. Little Baruch is keeping me up at night.

Havah's room has a sound machine which helps her sleep longer. I've been putting her in a pea pod and putting a blanket over part of it so that her room seems darker. I have a monitor right by her bed so that if she had any issues I could help her out immediately.

Humidifier - We have a humidifier running in Havah's room all the time.

Chest Percussion - I put Havah in front of Blue's Clues and spend 20 or so minutes pounding on her back and chest around her lungs. I'm trying to help loosen any mucous (there's that lovely word again) that might stick to the inside of her lungs. She usually coughs a few times while I'm doing this, but nothing major.

Essential Oils - This may seem like snake oil, but I really believe in it. Havah has a diffuser in her room. It is diffusing Four Thieves Oil and Lavender Oil. Both are excellent at killing "bad stuff" and for helping the lungs. Baruch is getting Four Thieves Oil on his feet before naps and bed. I brush my teeth with it at night - just a few drops on the tooth brush. It's great for killing bacteria, kills gum disease and helps with sensitive teeth. Fair warning - it's spicy. I think both oils are essential to every household. Four Thieves oil was used during the Bubonic Plague. Thieves who wanted to rob dead bodies would use it so as not to catch the disease. Other oils to keep on hand are Oregano, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and a citrus oil.

About Baruch

Baruch is my 5 months old rolly polly baby. He is possibly the most delightful thing on earth (good thing cause he's keeping me up a lot at night right now). WC is very dangerous for little babies, so we are keeping a close eye on him. He has no signs of any sickness. My breastmilk is full of antibodies that help protect him from the sickness. I am nursing him just about every time he cries or acts hungry. That's not normally my style, but right now I want him to get as much of a defense as possible.

Well I have to end there because it's time for dinner.

And don't forget...
This is not my advice to you. I'm not suggesting that I know what you should do. I'm not suggesting that I know better than your doctor. I'm not giving you advice. Whooping cough is a serious virus! This year alone 10 infants died of pertussis in California because they had been misdiagnosed. So please...if you have pertussis or your child has it TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

And one more thing. I'm sleep deprived. I'm stressed out. I will spell things incorrectly, punctuate incorrectly and use lots and lots of dot dot dots. I'm not likely to even reread these posts before posting. Hope it makes sense.

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Norwood Mama said...

Everyone at our house is getting the Four Thieves on their feet at night. I mixed it with olive oil and put it in the only small bottle I could find...a Cracker Barrel syrup bottle. I quickly gave the girls a stern lecture about the yucky, spicy stuff in the bottle.

Forgot about brushing teeth with it. I'll try tonight!