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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Kindness of God

Thank you Jesus for the sunshine! The weather for the past few days has been absolutely amazing. The sun has been shining. The breeze has been blowing. It has been almost 70 degrees every day! This means while we are on lock down (Havah can't play with friends for two weeks while she's on the antibiotics) we still get our wiggles out!

We have a great backyard. Well parts of it are great. We have a trampoline, a preschool sized table, a car, a bike, a swing and bubbles. Lots of bubbles. We have been outside for a few hours each day. This has been so helpful to our mental and emotional wellbeing. It is also extremely beneficial for health. We get our peneal glands filled (no jokes please), the ability to convert cholesterol to vitamin D and fresh air in our lungs.

The clouds have been beautiful. The leaves have been beautiful. My children have been joyful while outside.

Here's a video of cuteness with a special shout out to Grama and Grampa Renee (sorry grampa that's what she calls you guys)...

And on another good note. Havah didn't have any serious coughing spells today. She did cough today. She cleared her lungs several times. No hacking, no deep breaths. Thank you God!

Well the video isn't working. Maybe next time.

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