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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Treating WC - Well At Least What We're Doing

Children with WC have really two main issues. Well maybe three. And in no particular order: 1# Their throats and lungs are inflamed #2 Because of this they are producing copious amounts of mucous (yum) #3 Because the throat is inflamed coughing out and up that mucous is a challenge. When the airway is swollen or filled with mucous then getting your breath between coughs becomes a great challenge.

We have Havah on a mucous-less diet. Arnold Ehret wrote a whole book on the topic. I have not read it myself, but Paul said that it is an excellent book...and he would know. By eating a mucous-less diet we are telling Havah's body to not produce any extra mucous. Because of the irritation and inflamation she still has mucous. Just not as much as she could. Mucous mucous mucous! Gag!

So I could tell you what that means Havah doesn't eat, but it is much easier to tell you what she does eat. Havah is eating fresh fruits, veggies and seeds.

Here's what that looks like:

Barley grass, beet and carrot juice
fresh juiced apple carrot juice
buckwheaties with almond milk
potato leek soup
lentil soup
any other vegetable concoction Sean comes up with that has garlic and onions in it
and more fruit

In addition to those foods she is also getting a probiotic, digestive enzymes with some of her food, vitamin D and mullein leaf extract. Oh and breastmilk. Because I have been exposed to this virus my body is working hard to protect little Baruch from getting it. My breastmilk is full of antibodies for WC! I regularly pump a few extra ounces for a friends baby, but for now I am pumping it for Havah. I just put it in with her smoothie.

Well that's enough for now.

Oh and don't forget:
This is not my advice to you. I'm not suggesting that I know what you should do. I'm not suggesting that I know better than your doctor. I'm not giving you advice. Whooping cough is a serious virus! This year alone 10 infants died of pertussis in California because they had been misdiagnosed. So please...if you have pertussis or your child has it TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

And one more thing. I'm sleep deprived. I'm stressed out. I will spell things incorrectly, punctuate incorrectly and use lots and lots of dot dot dots. I'm not likely to even reread these posts before posting. Hope it makes sense.

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sarah said...

Praying for the Henry family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I found it to be really encouraging.