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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beautiful Day Had By All In Kansas City

Did I mention that I'm in Kansas City? Maybe that is just obvious. Well anyway...It was a lovely day. It all began with a shot of wheatgrass. :) Gotta love that stuff. Katchen and I decided it tastes like the liquid that would come off of the side of your lawn mower. I got to meet up with an old friend and chat for a while. Then it was baby city. I saw Marci's kiddos. I squished Arwen and said "ABC" with Aiden. ABC is as far as we got, but it was stated VERY clearly! After that it was off to see Izzy. Katchen let me have the night with the Is. Oh great fun!
In just a few days I'll get to squish my Ava! That will be even more fun!

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Marci Lewellen said...

arwen was very pleased to be "squished" by you... and Aiden as I recall tried to start a pillow fight with you... but that means he loves you... :)

why would you eat something that taste like the sludge off the lawnmower? In my opinion God gave us tastebuds so that we could enjoy our food... :)