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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boy Catches 85 Pound Fish

Here's a little bit of what I missed out on...

What do you think that hand hanging out the window means? I'll tell you what it means. It means my mom is taking a photo...and has already take six! Dad and Patrick are READY to go. Thanks for taking it anyway Mom!

When I was little my Dad woke me up REALLY early one morning to go fishing in a tournament. We went out to Tom Steed Lake and fished all morning. I caught 237 fish, give or take. Later in the afternoon we went and weighed in. I caught more fish than any other man out there that day! Well...other than my Dad. I'm glad that Patrick gets to fish with him now. What I really should have titled this post is, "85 Pound Boy Catches Fish".


Patrick said...

"I don't weight eight=five pounds", says Patrick. "I weigh 100 or 101!"

Danielle said...

Sorry dude...I didn't relize you weighed that much! You must have grown, and I'm not okay with that!

Angela said...

Is that your dad! You have such a cute family.

When you are back in Cinti we must get coffee or some green juice like beverage! Hold the wheatgrass please =D.