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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Girl in Kansas City is Humbled...Again

Yup...the mercy of God has been extended to me yet again. I just spent a few minutes with Bryany in the lobby of IHOP. She has been preparing for a missions trip to India and then to England. She told me about feeling the need to have a pure heart. Listening to her talk about this desire was enough to begin to stir that desire in my heart again. I want to be able to come near to God (Psalm 24)! I need to have clean hands and a pure heart. Conversations like this one remind me that there is a part of my heart that will do anything to be near Him. Hopefully that place is growing. It is His mercy that He reminds me of that desire. He must want me to come near.

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Angela said...

Yeah you have a blog spot! The exclusivity of xanga is a pain, I might switch soon. That is ever if I start writing again. Time dear, in time.

I love that you are in K.C. I'd love for you to stay, but I understand (the whold squishy thing).

This post spoke to me. I look back on my journey with God and see how we have come. His mercy is great. What would I be w/o Him, I never want to be where I was before. His love is great. Oh His outpouring I want more; in time dear, in time.

So I just sit in my room, and lean in. I'm learning still, what would I be w/o His grace, w/o His mercy!

I love you!!!