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Friday, June 16, 2006

Kansas City...A Beautiful Place To Spend Your Summer

For some reason I always forget how hot summer is going to be in the Midwest. I decided to go on a walk this morning thinking that if I went before 8am it wouldn't be too hot. By 8am it was almost 90 degrees! I went anyway.
Being in Kansas City has so many benefits, but one that it is lacking is Norwood's Gold's Gym. If I'm going to sweat for the sake of exercise I like it to be in an air conditioned room. There is a Gold's downtown, but that gym is almost a joke. I have been spoiled by only driving 4 minutes to a 6am spin class. If I didn't feel like making it to the 6am I could always go to the 9:30 or noon class. That's not happening in Kansas City. Not unless I want to pay $643 to go to this place. thank you. I guess I'm stuck sweatin it out outdoors. Oh well.


Marci Lewellen said...

My air is not working that great... you can come and sweat at my house while drinking lemonade and "squishing" Arwen... not exactly a workout but a better way to sweat... :)

Knihti said...

sincerely, i went spinning once. i thought for sure i had permanant damage and would never bear children. dear Lord that was painful. and the gal kept shouting- "up, keep cadence!" and i wanted to throw the rotting banana in my gym bag at her. my husband and i decided to give it another shot, after purchasing teo pairs of $25 shorts with something akin to a giant padded diaper inside---they helped nearly 0%-we promptly dropped them in our donations clothing bags, never to return to spinning again. i still wonder, to this day, what teh heck was going through the minds of those folks in MercyWorks when they were sorting clothes and came across our silly padded pants!