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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Girl Misses Her Mom

Well, I didn't make it to Tennessee. I sat in the airport for two day and couldn't get on a single flight out of Kansas City. What's up with that? Mom didn't get to go either. She's in North Carolina, I'm in Missouri and everyone else is in Tennessee. I am sad that I don't get to be there, but more than that I realize how glad I am that we all like each other so much! I have the greatest family in the whole world. They are the kindest, smartest, funniest, caring people that I know.

This a photo from the trip that Mom and I took across the country. We hit up Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and Brice Canyon all in a day and a half. That was way too much beauty for that amount of time. By the end of it I had used up all of my adjectives. If you haven't seen that part of the country I highly recommend it. If you can go with your mom, even better. If you can go with my mom...well you'll probably never be that lucky.

p.s. Thanks to my wonderful Kansas City family I am having a great time, even if I'm not with my sisters. I got to hold Arwen, hop with Aiden, eat ice cream with Kelsey, have morning coffee at the Bohlender's kitchen table and then eat half a donut.


Marci Lewellen said...

this family loves you so much...

Randy Bohlender said...

so that's where my half of the donut went.