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Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh Happy Day

On Saturday one of my favorite persons in the whole world came home! Christina has been serving the nations with Jesus, but He has finally sent her back to us. I have missed Christina a lot in the past six months, so I am VERY happy to have her back. She's living with Katchen right now and I think that is completely unfair and wonderful at the same time. Two of the greatest women I know will be under one roof! What a lucky roof.

Welcome home Christina!


katchen said...

My roof is very lucky and my heart. God thank you for Ortega! God thank you for Daniellie too. I'm still working on those two request Danielle. I do have a barn you could rent out although I suppose that wouldn't be living under my lucky roof but the barn roof and well... why can't you move here?!!!

Sean The Red said...

Could you update your blog? I am tired of reading this one. "


Marci Lewellen said...

could you come back.... PLEASE

christina said...

i am so glad you love me!!!!!